P2 - Poster Session:

Date: Thursday, 20 November          Location: Building A, Hall.

Hour: 11:00 - 13:30                          Chairperson: Alberto Simões

  • P2-1: First steps towards Skipping NNLMs, A. Palacios-Corella, F. Zamora-Martinez, S. España-Boquera, and M.J. Castro-Bleda.
  • P2-2: A study of the quality of automatic speech recognition in distributed systems, Emilio Granell and Carlos-D. Martinez-Hinarejos.
  • P2-3: Experiments on keyword spotting over the Transcrigal Database, Marta Martinez Maquieira and Antonio Cardenal.
  • P2-4: Dynamic Topic-Based Adaptation of Language Models: A Comparison Between Different Approaches, Julian Echeverry-Correa, Beatriz Martinez-Gonzalez, Ruben San-Segundo, Ricardo Cordoba, and Javier Ferreiros-Lopez.
  • P2-5: Using automatic speech transcriptions in lecture recommendation systems, A. Perez-Gonzalez-de-Martos, J.A. Silvestre-Cerda, M. Rihtar, A. Juan, and J. Civera.
  • P2-6: Detection of sexist language by using text classification techniques, Carlos-D. Martınez-Hinarejos and Ruxandra Dumitru.
  • P2-7: Improving accessibility for hearing impaired on board the airplane with ASR,Isabel Vazquez Rufino, Ascension Gallardo-Antolin, Carmen Pelaez Moreno, and Belen Ruiz Mezcua.
  • P2-8: A comparative study between generative and discriminative statistical models for unsegmented dialogue annotation, Carlos-D. Martınez-Hinarejos and Jose-Miguel Benedi.
  • P2-9: Processing Annotated TMX Parallel Corpora, Rui Brito, José João Almeida, and Alberto Simões.
  • P2-10: Answering Machine Detector for Call Centers, Jon A. Gomez, Luis M. Montes-Novella, and Jose Garcia.
  • P2-11: Obtaining parallel corpora for Multilingual Spoken Language Understanding tasks, Fernando Garcia, Marcos Calvo, Emilio Sanchis, Lluis-F. Hurtado, Encarna Segarra.
  • P2-12: Tracking Emotional Hints in Spoken Interaction, Raquel Justo, Ohiane Horno, Manex Serras, M. Ines Torres.
  • P2-13: Bilingual sentence selection strategies: comparative and combination in statistical machine translation systems, Mara Chinea-Rios, German Sanchis-Trille and Francisco Casacuberta.
  • P2-14: Holistic analysis based on the index of proportionality for offline handwritten biometric identification, Carlos M. Travieso, David Hernández-Abreu, José Luis Vásquez, Jesús B. Alonso.
  • P2-15: CVX-optimized Beamforming and Vector Taylor Series Compensation with German ASR employing Star-shaped Microphone Array, Juan Morales Cordovilla, Hannes Pessentheiner, Martin Hagmueller, Jose Gonzalez and Gernot Kubin.

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