O5 - Oral Session:

Automatic Speech Recognition II

Date: Friday, 21 November          Location: Building A, Salón de actos.

Hour: 09:00 - 10:40                     Chairperson: António Teixeira

  • O5-1: CVX-optimized Beamforming and Vector Taylor Series Compensation with German ASR employing Star-shaped Microphone Array, Juan Morales Cordovilla, Hannes Pessentheiner, Martin Hagmueller, Jose Gonzalez and Gernot Kubin. (*) Presented in the P2 - Poster Session
  • O5-2: Flexible Stand-Alone Keyword Recognition Application Using Dynamic Time Warping, Miquel Ferrarons Betrian, Xavier Anguera and Jordi Luque.
  • O5-3: Confidence Measures in Automatic Speech Recognition Systems for Error Detection in Restricted Domains, Julia Olcoz, Alfonso Ortega Gimenez, Antonio Miguel and Eduardo Lleida Solano.
  • O5-4: Recognition of distant voice commands for home applications in Portuguese, Miguel Matos, Alberto Abad, Ramón Astudillo and Isabel Trancoso.

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