P1 - Poster Session:

Date: Wednesday, 19 November          Location: Building A, Hall.

Hour: 12:00 - 13:30                             Chairperson: Alberto Abad

  • P1-1: Jitter and Shimmer Measurements for Speaker Diarization, Abraham Woubie, Jordi Luque, and Javier Hernando.
  • P1-2: iVectors for Continuous Emotion Recognition, Paula Lopez-Otero, Laura Docio-Fernandez, and Carmen Garcia-Mateo. 
  • P1-3: Ensemble model adaptation for different scenarios in speaker verification, Leibny Paola Garcia-Perera, Juan Arturo Nolazco Flores, and Eduardo Lleida Solano.
  • P1-4: Using glottal parameters for detecting vocal pathology, Carlos Lázaro Carrascosa and Pedro Gómez Vilda.
  • P1-5: Speaker Clustering for Variability Subspace Estimation, Alicia Lozano-Diez, Ivan Gomez-Piris, Javier Franco-Pedroso, Javier Gonzalez-Dominguez, and Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez.
  • P1-6: Analysis of Complexity and Modulation Spectra parameterizations to characterize Voice Roughness, Laureano Moro-Velazquez, Jorge Andres Gomez Garcia, Juan Ignacio Godino-Llorente.
  • P1-7: A Grouping Method based on Energy Clustering for Reverberant Speech,  Zhao Li and Thorsten Herfet.
  • P1-8: Residual VQ-quantization for speech frame loss concealment, Domingo Lopez-Oller, Angel M. Gomez, Jose L. Perez-Cordoba.
  • P1-9: The implementation of medial stop clusters in European Portuguese:an articulatory account and some perceptual data, Conceição Cunha.

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