O1 - Oral Session:

Speaker and Language Characterization

Date: Wednesday, 19 November          Location: Building A, Salón de actos.

Hour: 09:00 - 10:40                              Chairperson: Santiago Piqueras

  • O1-1: Unsupervised Accent Modeling for Language Identification, David Martínez González, Jesús Villalba López, Eduardo Lleida Solano and Alfonso Ortega Gimenez
  • O1-2: Global speaker clustering towards optimal stopping criterion in binary key speaker diarization, Héctor Delgado Flores, Xavier Anguera, Corinne Fredouille and Javier Serrano.
  • O1-3: Unsupervised Training of PLDA with Variational Bayes, Jesús Villalba López  and Eduardo Lleida Solano.
  • O1-4: On the Use of Convolutional Neural Networks in Pairwise Language Recognition, Alicia Lozano-Díez, Javier Gonzalez-Dominguez, Ruben Zazo, Daniel Ramos Castro and Joaquin Gonzalez-Rodriguez.
  • O1-5: Global Impostor Selection for DBNs in Multi-Session i-Vector Speaker Recognition, Omid Ghahabi  and Francisco Javier Hernando Pericas.

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