O4 - Oral Session:

Speech and Language Technologies in Different Application Fields I

Date: Thursday, 20 November          Location: Building A, Salón de actos.

Hour: 15:00 - 16:40                          Chairperson: Emilio Sanchís

  • O4-1: Speech watermarking based on coding of the harmonic phase, Inma Hernaez, Ibon Saratxaga, Jianpei Ye, Jon Sanchez, Daniel Err and Eva Navas.
  • O4-2: Bootstrapping a Portuguese WordNet from Galician, Spanish and English wordnets, Alberto Simões  and Xavier Gómez Guinovart.
  • O4-3: ATVS-CSLT-HCTLab System for NIST 2013 Open Keyword Search Evaluation, Javier Tejedor Noguerales, Doroteo Torre Toledano and Dong Wang.
  • O4-4: The transLectures-UPV toolkit, Miguel Angel del Agua, Adrià Giménez Pastor, Nicolás Serrano Martínez-Santos, Jesús Andrés-Ferrer, Jorge Civera Saiz, Alberto Sanchis Navarro and Alfons Juan.
  • O4-5: The AhoSR automatic speech recognition system, Igor Odriozola, Luis Serrano, Inma Hernaez and Eva Navas. (*) Presented in the Projects, Demos and Thesis Special Session

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